What makes opposites attract and why it works

I was born on the eve of summer solstice, June 20th, and my husband was born on the eve of winter solstice, December 20th.  That should tell you right there how opposite we are.

We have some similarities from our childhood, but that is pretty much where our commonalities end.

When it comes to food preferences, we could not be more different. I like spicy food and to try new and exotic dishes. He prefers the same old repetitive meals and it has to be  mild. I’m a veggie lover and he won’t eat most of them.

Majority of the time we don’t like the same kind of movies or TV series, which is fine. As a writer, I need to spend more time writing and reading than watching TV anyway.

And that’s another thing we don’t have in common: I must have at least one book, if not two, that I am currently reading. If I don’t have a new book to read at all times, I’ll go check one out at the library.

Hubby only really reads the news, online or in the daily newspaper. He is the type of person who has to be in ‘the know’, so keeping up with the news is very important to him.

Me? I have my own world to juggle, thank you very much! I can’t handle the weight of the real world’s problems too. There is just so much bad news in the world that I have no control over, the only way to keep my sanity is to remain in my imaginary world.

I like to listen to classical music when I’m driving, but when hubby climbs into the car, that sonata by Beethoven will have to go!

I’m also very much in tune with my higher creative self, and there is a form of spirituality that comes from expressing one’s creativity. It is satisfying for the soul. And to stay connected to that thread of creative inspiration, I’ll frequently preform little rituals to invoke my creative juices, such as through meditation, and sometimes with candles, charms, stones and chants.

Hubby thinks I must secretly be a closet witch conjuring up my next spell. He wisely stays out of the way.

These are just some of the many things that we don’t see the same. One would think that with all of these differences we would have nothing in common.

Oh…but it is in those differences where life, passion, and drama happen – the substance of a good story!

The friction and love between Connor and Isaboe in my Mark of the Faerie series is a fiery dance of two very strong and contrasting personalities. They are a couple who have all the odds against them for a successful relationship.

But just like two magnets, which will resist each other until they come just close enough, and then, bam! – they are instantly drawn together, that’s how it works with people who are so opposite of one another. It’s that chemistry, that spark, even though there are many logical reasons this shouldn’t work. Yet, somehow it does.

When Isaboe and Connor’s story came barreling down on me, it was very clear that they would have this ‘opposites attract’ relationship, and their differences are drastic! They could not be more opposite.

Isaboe is a woman raised in privilege and wealth, attended an affluent boarding school, and had once been married to a professional man who offered her the lifestyle to which she was accustomed.

Connor is a former Jacobite rebel, a hotheaded warrior who wears his anger on his sleeve, speaks his truth even when nobody wants to hear it, and is fiercely protective of the woman he loves. Tact is lost on him.

Their love story is full of turmoil and passion, fueling the friction and creating even more drama, which makes good material for the stories we love to read and the characters we cannot forget.

The differences which identify Connor and Isaboe’s strong personalities are quite powerful, but it’s their love for one another that overrides the constant problems those opposing views create.

In Of Lace and Lions, the fourth book in my Mark of the Faerie series, Isaboe and Connor’s amazing love story takes them into the realm of the fey and on a magical adventure that changes more than just their lives.

This book answers many of the questions we were left with at the end of book three, The First Feymora. Connor, Isaboe, and Rosalyn’s incredible adventure continues in the mystical and beautiful, yet deadly land of the fey.

From page one, these characters are in a battle against time, as well as having to face fierce trolls, Jarcadian warriors who fly on the backs of battle eagles, and quarreling politicians who block their path.

But these three bold and stubborn characters do what they must to protect their family from being torn apart by Lorien, the nefarious fey queen who has a possessed desire for ultimate control.

When Isaboe makes a bold move and a bad choice, it looks as if the queen may win her vengeance after all, but when a wizard and dragon step forward, can they help change a prophecy?

Connor and Isaboe’s love story is still young in the making, and they have a lifetime ahead of them to create more of their story.

As for hubby and me, we will be celebrating our 46th wedding anniversary this summer. So, do I think opposites attract? Yeah, I have proof that they do

                                                                Releasing this fall! – Book four :         

                                                                             Of Lace and Lionsof lace and lions

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