Book 1: Curse of the Chosen One

In the Highlands of Scotland in the mid 1740s, the beautiful Isaboe is mysteriously transported into another realm. While there, she conceives a very gifted child. Having no memory of her time in this other realm, she returns to her life to discover she no longer has one. In the span of a summer’s afternoon, twenty years have passed, yet she hasn’t aged a day.

On the other side of the country, Braden, the brave and handsome Scottish warrior, is secretly released from a British war prison. Destined to be Isaboe’s protector, he is given a new identity by Diametric, the great wizard who bought the rebel’s freedom, and assigns him an incredible task.

Now, this brave warrior must rescue Isaboe from a power-hungry Fey Queen holding her captive, and threatening to take her unborn gifted child. Should the queen succeed, it will destroy Isaboe, and everyone she loves.




Pronounced /’fā/ Meaning:
Short name for a race of beings know as Faeries.

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Patricia Rae

Patricia Rae
Writer and Entrepreneur

Patti, as her friends call her, grew up in the age of defiance and free thinkers; the 1970s. Hers was a generation that was unwilling to accept the status quo, stubborn about what they believed in, and wouldn’t be forced into a mold that didn’t fit. It was a time of revolution, change, and self-expression.

Patti’s self-expression was birthed in the form of writing, and she’s been expressing her creative self for as long as she can remember.

But when her high school English teacher had her class interpret the lyrics of The Beatle’s Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band—and not just one song, the entire album—she realized the written word could have a double meaning, literally and metaphorically, and her love of writing blossomed, especially in fiction. Patti learned to appreciate the talent of these British lads, and not just as talented songwriters, but engaging storytellers. Who didn’t want to live in Yellow Submarine?

The 70’s was a generation of defining characteristics, to change what didn’t work, to take risks by embracing the alternatives, and uplift our voices to be heard over the noise. Though Patti knew to be heard over the noise, she had to stand out. As a creative soul and an introvert, that didn’t come easy.

But as an entrepreneur, Patti did stand out by creating value in her talents. Along with her passion for writing, she has also owned and operated two successful businesses. Leaving the corporate world back in 1999, she walked away from a 40 hour a week paycheck to freelance her services as a bookkeeper, and created a profitable little business that is still in production today.

However, that wasn’t enough for her—she needed diversity. That came a few years later when she discovered the wonderful benefits of Pilates. After an intensive training course requiring she learn the anatomy of movement, how to properly teach the Pilates principles, and prove it in front of her teachers, she passed the exam on her first attempt, and became a certified Stott Pilates Instructor. Looking back, Patti chuckles at how intimidated she was starting a fitness career at 47, especially when the average age of her peers was 20-to-30 something.

After signing papers to buy the Pilates studio she was working at, leaving the attorney’s office, her husband, Tom, looked at her and said: “I hope you know what you’re doing.” She admits that more than once, she wasn’t 100% sure she did know what she was doing. But using her business skills and maturity, she showed the younger ones how it was done. After years teaching Pilates in her quaint downtown studio, she started another studio for a 24 hour fitness facility, and was recognized as a quality fitness instructor in her home town of Longview, Washington for over seven years.

When Patti doesn’t have her face buried in her overworked laptop, or scheming out a plot for her latest romantic fantasy, she can be found working in her garden, bike riding, hiking, camping, or any other reason to be outside. Having lived rural most of her life, big cities intimidate her, and she finds sanctuary in her out-of-town, country lifestyle.

“Mother Nature whispers in the wind and her sun-kissed breath tosses my hair. Wood nymphs dance in the ferns, pixies splash in the creek, and faeries get caught in sunbeams, leaving their imprint on my window pane. I’ve come to appreciate that my greatest inspiration comes from the wisdom of the trees, and the mystical creatures that live in the forest, right in my own backyard.”


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