About Patricia Rae


Coming of age in the rebellious 1970s, Patti’s generation was one unwilling to accept the status quo or be forced into a mold that didn’t fit. It was a time of revolution, change, and self-expression. Patti’s self-expression was birthed in the form of writing, and she’s been expressing her creative self for as long as she can remember.

Her love for creative writing blossomed back in high school when Patti’s English teacher had her class interpret the lyrics of The Beatle’s Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – the entire album! Who knew the written word could have a double meaning; literally and metaphorically? The Beatles did, and these talented British lads were not only amazing songwriters, but engaging storytellers. Who didn’t want to live in a Yellow Submarine?

But it was her enchantment with the magic of the fey and her fascination with anything Scottish that planted the creative seed inspiring Patti to write the Mark of the Faerie series; a story that has been 20 years in the making.

When not at her over-worked laptop, Patti can be found in her garden, on a walk, taking a bike ride, or any other reason she can find to be outside. Having lived rural most of her life, big cities intimidate her, and she finds sanctuary in her small-town lifestyle.


“Mother Nature whispers in the wind and her sun-kissed breath tosses my hair. Wood nymphs dance in the ferns, pixies splash in the creek, and faeries get caught in sunbeams, leaving their imprint on my window pane. I’ve come to appreciate that my greatest inspiration comes from the wisdom of the trees and the mystical creatures that live in the forest, right in my own backyard.”