The First Feymora


During the winter of 1767, on the Island of Orkney off the north coast of Scotland, a small band of weary travelers slowly makes its way toward the heart of the island hoping to find a safe place to call home. Connor Grant and Isaboe McKinnon are desperate to protect their newborn daughter, Kaitlyn, a gifted child who is now the center of their lives.

Though their relationship is still in its infancy, the intense passion they share helps to keep Connor and Isaboe’s fragile new love from falling apart as they struggle to find common ground. Were it not for Rosalyn, Isaboe’s birth mother and the fourth member of their newly blended family, the young couple would be alone as they face Lorien, the powerful and vengeful Fey Queen.

More than a new grandmother, wise woman, and sorceress, Rosalyn is the first Feymora, a woman born of mixed blood—fey and mortal—a union that granted Rosalyn with unique abilities, abilities her granddaughter Kaitlyn will also have. Though the baby’s powers are yet to be revealed, the child is destined to be even more powerful than her grandmother, and that fact puts the entire family in danger.

The third book in the Mark of the Faerie series, The First Feymora is a riveting tale of love, heartache, and covert Scottish rebels, all dusted with elements of faerie magic. Lorien and her dark forces have not abandoned their plans to seize Kaitlyn, and the brave mortals must be prepared to fight, even if it means taking the battle to the enemy.

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The First Feymora

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