Of Lace And Lions


After crossing into the realm of the fey through a magical spinning portal, Connor, Isaboe, and Rosalyn realize that their mission to rescue the baby boy who was abducted by Lorien, the nefarious Fey Queen, will be anything but quick and easy. 

Their hopes to sneak in undetected and recover Isaboe’s grandson are immediately thwarted when the astral travelers step from the portal directly into the middle of an ongoing battle. The path to Euphoria is encumbered by fierce trolls, flying dragons, political squabbles, and powerful Jarcadian warriors.

When Isaboe is approached by Petrina, a mysterious young fey claiming to be a traitor in Lorien’s court, she agrees to a plan that will not only save the boy but dethrone the vicious queen. As she risks her life to ensure the mission’s success, Isaboe soon realizes that ancient and sacred magic is at play, and that her own role in this adventure is much more significant than she had imagined. 

Of Lace and Lions, book four in the Mark of the Faerie series, is a daring adventure through the amazing world of the Underlings. As this brave group of mortals travel through the beautiful, mystical, and often dangerous land of the fey, they uncover long hidden secrets in their family’s history and make connections they could never have anticipated.

Mark of the Faerie Series

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Of Lace And Lions